Felo de se

Briefly about Felo de se


I was born in Latvia. Because of the seaside climate, I was often sick. To somehow entertain myself, I came up with stories, and then drew them. I got carried away and started my first drawing sketchbook.


When everyone at school took out math notebooks and covered algebraic conversions, I took out my sketchbook and started drawing. Oh, how many times the teachers took it away from me! Unfortunately, not everybody shares that passion for drawing, too, the same as I. In those days, I wanted to be a writer.

Then my family moved to Russia. I finished my sixth sketchbook. The era of stories came to an end, and I began to draw my profound spiritual experience. I were certain that it was profound, because I don't understand it. They were intricate drawings, where the plot was still guessed, but it became more difficult to understand it. During this difficult time, I changed my mind about becoming a writer and decided to study to become a lawyer.


During my studies, I drew less. But I always took one sketchbook with me. I was told that these are good works, that they need to be shown to someone and sent somewhere. Only to whom and where? I didn’t know. Besides, I already had an internship in court, I had no time to think about drawing. But I thought. And then my family moved for the third time. This time to Israel.


I didn’t know the language at all and spoke to everyone in English. It is clear, that without language it is impossible to get a job as a lawyer in a foreign country. So, I went to study. It was a college in the north of the country, we lived in a dorm with two people per room. My neighbor was always littered with textbooks, and I, as soon as I took a pencil in my hand, immediately began to draw. And then I finally realized that I wanted to become an artist.


But I had no money at all. And while I paint, I must live on something. By that time, I already knew the language. All that remained was to get a job. And such a case turned up.

During the day I worked, and in the evenings I came up with new projects and made sketches. I understood that if I wanted to draw all this, I would need special device. So, for my first salary, I bought myself a graphics tablet. And on the same day I registered on Instagram.


I realized that my ideas wouldn’t impress anyone now, it was too early. But I wanted to declare myself. And I remembered my old hobby - Japanese animation. I've been watching anime since I was six. So, this was my profile. I decided to start with my favorite anime - Naruto. At that time, I had 88 subscribers. Ten months have passed since then, and there are already 16 thousand of us! Apparently, Naruto has a lot of fans.


Now I continue to draw in the anime theme. It's hard to say what will happen tomorrow or in a year. For me, drawing is sleepless nights, fingers sealed with plaster, constant brainstorming, lack of time and chronic fatigue. But if they offer me an alternative, I will refuse. Because at the same time, drawing is creating a new universe, bringing an idea to life, aesthetics of lines and colors, the joy of a finished project, conversations with like-minded people and the feeling that you are finally in your place!

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